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infinite journeys travelUp, up and away in a beautiful hot air balloon ride! There’s no better way to see the sites in Europe than taking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure over its mountains and cities. Here are five of the top hot air balloon rides that you shouldn’t miss:

Gstaad, Switzerland: This hot air balloon experience is great during the winter time, when the peaks of the mountains are covered in snow. Float above the chalets and villages of Gstaad and view the beautiful blue skies. Once the ride is over, you can head to the small villages and watch some winter sports. You can even tie your vacation to when the Château-d’Oex in the Vaudois Alps plays host to hundreds of hot air balloons in January of each year for a nine-day hot air balloon festival.

Beanue, France: France Montgolfieres offers many hot air balloon rides, including this trip over the town of Beanue, which is rich with history and art. Visitors will see the Hôtel Dieu, the signature monument of Beanue, and the surrounding vineyards that make wines such as Volnay, Montrachet or Meursault Premier Cru, which you can taste in the wineries of the town after your flight.

Cappadocia, Turkey: This cave-filled region of Turkey is good to visit both in the warmer and cooler weather. On your ride, you’ll encounter multi-colored, striped rock formations, vineyards, subterranean churches, and, of course, caves and dwellings. This view is as compelling in the air as it is on the ground, where you can find underground cities, fairy chimneys (limestone rock peaks), and quaint farming communities.

Loire Valley, France: It’s no surprise that France is on this list twice and fans of hot air ballooning will know why. Places like Loire Valley are filled with a fairy tale-like atmosphere that is hard to resist visiting. The valley is filled with meandering rivers, over 800 castles and manors, villages with stone buildings and sunflower fields. Viewing this all from a hot air balloon will truly be magical.

Tuscany, Italy: Tuscany is a very popular tourist destination for those visiting Italy. It has a sort of rustic appeal that brings up feelings of nostalgia and relaxation. Ballooning in Tuscany offers hot air balloon rides from multiple locations, with a popular launch site of Montisi, a historical town filled with vineyards, forests, and access to the Le Crete di Senesi and La Val d’Orcia regions.

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